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Such a simple thing but…

Sorry I’m slow… God how many times did I say that?! I just read this article on  Facebook and thought oh gee why I didn’t even think about this much simple thing. Just thought to share 🙂 Advertisements

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Paul Ride! Horse Sh*t Ride! LOVED the Ride!

Wooooohooooo!!! Paul-Ride!!! Wooooooooohooooooo!! 🙂 Now you guys defo wanna know what is Paul-Ride about! Cuz you guys wanna know what kind of ride could make super happy Tokyo girl so WOOOO! 😀 Haha just kiddin but hey! let me tell … Continue reading

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Fell in Love at First Sight

Totally, deeply and truly in love with this cute little one! Actually it was when John and I was watching iXS video before getting up last weekend, something caught my eyes. Helmet. Yup, helmet. One of the girls downhill rider … Continue reading

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Long Long Hiking Ride

Just a few days ago I was thinking what to write next on my blog when I was heading to work by bike. My idea for the title of next post was something like, “How I Got So Much Bruises” … Continue reading

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Girls Day Ride at My Fav Bear Trail

Sunday the 3rd. It’s officially a GIRLS DAY in Japan. Our Children’s Day is celebrated on May 5th (and it’s a National Holiday!yey!) but we celebrate childrens day twice a year actually. First one is March 3rd for girls then … Continue reading

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a bit of Snow Ride at Mt.Sunrise

This weekend John took me for a Mt.Sunrise & KPR-ridge. (been there once before back in end of June) He picked me up at 6am but still hasn’t decided which trail to go by then as he had to take … Continue reading

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Frog Ride at the SGN-Ridge

7weekends in a row that I went for MTB-ing and this time, it was SGN-Ridge in Okutama Uphill for about 2hours ( faster than last time I guess!) Total 36km in 5hours 3000kcal gone. Anyway, it’s almost November which means FREEZING … Continue reading

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