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Fujiten MTB Park for Rainy Saturday

It’s rainy season here Tokyo. Everyday I’m wishing for no rain so I could ride on weekend But,  there’s nothing I can do but just patiently wait for another weekend to be nicer weather. Or, impatiently push John to find somewhere … Continue reading

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Bye Ugly CHROMAG Bear!!

クロマグのクマ、可愛くないからサインペンで消した。 Yup. Loved the color but hated that CHROMAG ugly bear. SO, it’s simple. Just did like this to made it look better! 🙂 Perfect! 😀

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Shakedown Ride #2 for My Tiger Lily

After maintain some parts a bit after shakedown ride#1 I decided to give it another shakedown for my little lily. Guess what. It was PERFECT! perfect because we could finish riding before rain starts, perfect because we done before fav ramen shop closed, perfect bcause … Continue reading

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Now Completed

Grip arrived and now my bike is all set! Awww lovey new bike!! Except the ugly Chromag bear!!

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Shakedown Ride #1 for My Lilly Otake!!

Finally I got my new bike, OTAKE Trailhead! Thank you so much for your awesome work Otake MTB shop!! When John and I arrived OTAKE MTB shop around 9am my bike was already set up and ready to go 🙂 … Continue reading

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Received a message when I was spending a pleasant morning time in a restroom (@ office though…) Said “maybe finish working on your bike today.” He attached the pics. Gotta ride this weekend!! Woohoo! 今朝は「たぶん本日完成しますよ!」メールからスタート。 で、この写真。 餌を目の前に「待て」のわんちゃんの気分~ というより、クリスマスの夜にプレゼント待ってる感じ! 早く日曜日にならないかなぁ・・・。

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Fell in Love at First Sight

Totally, deeply and truly in love with this cute little one! Actually it was when John and I was watching iXS video before getting up last weekend, something caught my eyes. Helmet. Yup, helmet. One of the girls downhill rider … Continue reading

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