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Back to Bear

Awwwww my favorite trail… little bear 🙂 I was so excited to go back there to ride again, I was even happy to ride the uphill, BUT!!!!!!! bear was soooooo dried!!!!!! dry as hell! seriously. I had rode there when … Continue reading

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No Trail Ride for … 2 weeks now?

I’ve got some stuff to do this weekend, and John has no car this weekend either (just at the right time!! sort of…) So I can’t go to ride anywhere. 2 freaking weeks away from trail! ugh but well, I’m pretty much … Continue reading

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Girls Day Ride at My Fav Bear Trail

Sunday the 3rd. It’s officially a GIRLS DAY in Japan. Our Children’s Day is celebrated on May 5th (and it’s a National Holiday!yey!) but we celebrate childrens day twice a year actually. First one is March 3rd for girls then … Continue reading

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pissed girl and another combo ride day

I have been pissed at John since Thursday night. It was just a little thing. Like, sort of miscommunication. It was happened when we were talking about where to go on this Sat. I was not expected to ride that … Continue reading

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Last Ride for 2012 at Bear Trail

Yesterday. Sunday the Dec 30th, 2012 John took me for a last ride for this year. Well, OK, maybe it’s better to say that “I” took him for the ride this time. It was ME who decided to go, and … Continue reading

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Saturday morning quick ride at Bear Trail

Good morning all 🙂 It’s Sunday afternoon here in Tokyo. I’m still a bit sleepy as I came back home late and alittle drunk last night. We had a local fireworks event yesterday evening. I totally missed all the fireworks festival … Continue reading

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Same Okutama Trail on One Sunny Day ~奥多摩チャリon晴れの日~

As I wrote in the last post, I’ve been to the same trail in Okutama a couple of month ago and it was actually a Birthday Ride for Mr. Pink-Reaper. The first thing he choose to do on his birthday was, … Continue reading

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