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pissed girl and another combo ride day

I have been pissed at John since Thursday night. It was just a little thing. Like, sort of miscommunication. It was happened when we were talking about where to go on this Sat. I was not expected to ride that … Continue reading

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Just got a FOX pants

Happy with the pants!! Not a perfect fit but well, looks good. Justa bit bigger than my actual perfect size though this one is M but if I got size S it might be a bit tight around thigh so guess this size M is … Continue reading

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Another Combo Ride

It seems like John likes combo thesedays. Last ride was 5 different trails, and the last Sunday, his choice was another 3 different trails near Mt.Takao. Yup it was fun but God I was dying! Love downhill but ugh hillclimb… (my ass was already sore … Continue reading

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See you Tokyo! I’m heading to FL!

I’m off to FL. Going to spend a few days and soon be back here again. I have to pack but I’m watching youtube and just make myself wanna go ride. Anyway here’s another video (Oh btw I think I … Continue reading

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5 Different Trails a Day

First ride for Febuary was just a little bit longer than usual. Recently I tended to ride only 3 hours or so like morning jog but John picked the interesting route for today. John ” 5 is the key today, … Continue reading

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Size Zero

I used to be a size-zero. BUT last 1year I have gained 2-3kg and now I’m one size up! I’m pretty comfy with my body though might need to loose, at least, 2kg. Gotta ride MORE!!!

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