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Hangover Ride @ Kintaro Trail

  Oops I forgot to update about my last ride. Guess I have been too busy to get drunk and no time for blog :p nah just kidding. Anyway, my last ride was Sunday. Well it was a real “hangover … Continue reading

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Off Bike and Enjoying Cherryblossom Season

Our cherry blossom season has begun here in Tokyo. They started blooming a week ago but when John and I walked around the park a couple of days ago it seemed they were going to reach the full bloom in a few days. So we made quick … Continue reading

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No Trail Ride for … 2 weeks now?

I’ve got some stuff to do this weekend, and John has no car this weekend either (just at the right time!! sort of…) So I can’t go to ride anywhere. 2 freaking weeks away from trail! ugh but well, I’m pretty much … Continue reading

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Local Event and Homemade Shortbread

John took me to the local event to help their MTB booth. It was NOT for selling the bikes, or nothing to do with commercial related stuff. Just to let people know how FUN this MTB thing is 🙂 We build … Continue reading

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Girls Day Ride at My Fav Bear Trail

Sunday the 3rd. It’s officially a GIRLS DAY in Japan. Our Children’s Day is celebrated on May 5th (and it’s a National Holiday!yey!) but we celebrate childrens day twice a year actually. First one is March 3rd for girls then … Continue reading

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Japanese MTB magazine

Lemme introduce you a Japanese MTB magazine. First, LOOK at this covergirls!!! This is not a fashion magazine for girls ( well, MTB might be a fashion for some people rather than sort of activity though) but this is one … Continue reading

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