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Originally posted on COMO CYCO:
I love to play the “Where’s the best place to live?” game. For my wife and I, it happens quite frequently and usually begins in earnest on our way home from a vacation destination. It’s…

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New Trail in Okutama

This thanksgiving weekend was 3days holiday in here Japan. First 2days were a little rainy and the last day, Sunday, was perfect  beautiful day. It seems like even the weather can’t stop me from going for a ride 🙂 sweet! … Continue reading

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Just whatever though

I still think Sheryl Crow was at her best when she was with Lance back in 1995. (Of course I’m talking about Armstrong) It’s Friday 10pm. I’m having beer coffee and checking my new bathing suit while listening the CD. Swimming tomorrow, … Continue reading

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While away from bike

Guess what I made this Saturday morning 😉 1. My Little Sweetie Potato Cup Cakes I used the mid-size sweet potatoes for 4-5 ( about 700g) Peel the skin, boiled, mushed, Add milk  about 100ml, Brown Sugar 70g or more, butter 50g, and … Continue reading

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2 weeks away from bike

I didn’t go for riding last weekend and I’m not going this weekend again. It feels like my muscle and body is having some rest 🙂 missing my little baby bike though… see you soon 😉  

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Why people start something new

I was talking to John over a burger and beer again. and the topic was about bike as usual. he said something like he never thought that I would ever be interested in MTB and never thought that I would ride … Continue reading

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Beautiful Maple Ride at Mt.DBST

John finally decided to take me to “The” Trail. Total 7 freakin hours (including lunch break etc) about 25km. Took 4hours to climb up and I could ride only first 1hour then had to just walk till the top of … Continue reading

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