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Shimano Bikers Festival 2014

Oh Thank SHIMANO for a wonderful weekend! Event: Shimano Bikers Festival at Fujimi Panorama Resort Category: 4hours enduro My Team:  Team Piggy A Riders:  3guys and me (4riders team category) Result:  within top 10 out of 47 teams (yeeey!) Distance … Continue reading

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Paul Ride! Horse Sh*t Ride! LOVED the Ride!

Wooooohooooo!!! Paul-Ride!!! Wooooooooohooooooo!! 🙂 Now you guys defo wanna know what is Paul-Ride about! Cuz you guys wanna know what kind of ride could make super happy Tokyo girl so WOOOO! 😀 Haha just kiddin but hey! let me tell … Continue reading

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Swiss Ride?!

No but YES! No, I didn’t ride in Switzerland but Yes, I had awesome ride with a cool Swiss rider!! Here’s the cool video from crazy chiba rider, Espa!! Thank you so much for riding with us, and for always making those crazy … Continue reading

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Fujiten MTB park for weekend

So, after 1.5months absence from MTB, I finally got the chance to go ride yesterday. This time, John choose Fujiten ski valley which is open as a bike park during summer time. I said “bike park ” but DO NOT … Continue reading

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Pre-Birthday=Cycling + French Lunch

Last sunday we went out for cycling. I was expecting to have his birthday MTB ride somewhere in West Tokyo last Sunday but because it was raining pretty heavy the night before and still a bit rainy in the morning, … Continue reading

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Long Long Hiking Ride

Just a few days ago I was thinking what to write next on my blog when I was heading to work by bike. My idea for the title of next post was something like, “How I Got So Much Bruises” … Continue reading

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Local Event and Homemade Shortbread

John took me to the local event to help their MTB booth. It was NOT for selling the bikes, or nothing to do with commercial related stuff. Just to let people know how FUN this MTB thing is 🙂 We build … Continue reading

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