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Shimano Bikers Festival 2012 モンスターと水鉄砲のバイカーズ日和

Good morning folks! I’m having tasty chewy oatmeal cookies and ( seriously this is perfect for breakfast!!) checking result and pics from the Shimano Bikers Festival right now 😉 I was gonna have another quick update about Festival last night … Continue reading

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Shimano Bikers Festival Day 初シマノバイカーズ無事!?終了♪

Just a short update from here, Nagano The 4hrs XC enduro with such a wonderful and powerful guys was a real fun. Yup. I played hard!!! And, Tons of food and drink after that!! Party hard, baby!! シマノバイカーズ、 楽しかったぁー!! とりあえず無事終了。 … Continue reading

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Before the Big Day

Finally, it’s Friday!!!! and Finally it’s a night before the Big Fun day 🙂 Yup, Shimano Bikers Festival. and I’m making cookies right now. I guess I should start packing for tomorrow instead… but I’m just making cookies… Well, would be good for … Continue reading

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Same Okutama Trail on One Sunny Day ~奥多摩チャリon晴れの日~

As I wrote in the last post, I’ve been to the same trail in Okutama a couple of month ago and it was actually a Birthday Ride for Mr. Pink-Reaper. The first thing he choose to do on his birthday was, … Continue reading

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Okutama Trail in the Mists ~MTB奥多摩トレイルな日~

The trail I rode yesterday was the same place I’ve tried once before. Last time, it was 2months ago and that was hot and dry, almost no wind… such a day but yesterday, on the other hand, it was totally opposite. It … Continue reading

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Practice Trail before Shimano Bikers Festival

Right. I’m going to participate in “Shimano Bikers Festival” next weekend. Sounds cool isn’t it 😉 It’s going to be a 4hours-enduro team ride. the course is 1.8km and not that hard (That’s what Mr. Pink Reaper said) but anyway, … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hey world!! It’s Nao from Tokyo Japan, enjoying MTB for 6months now 🙂 Only 6months and I could have rode only once a month or twice. So of course I’m not good at all but I’m wishing to be better ASAP so I could ride FASTER and BETTER to … Continue reading

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