Happy new year from Tokyo!

Happy new year everyone!!

Hope you all have a wonderful fruitful new year.

By the way I was at the Imperial Palace for attending a new years greeting with my family and … with the over 150000 people!!

This is the last chance to see current emperor so really many people were there just to see him and hear the greeting message.

People with wheelchair or baby straller are allowed to use the priority passage so we needed to walk and wait only an hour or less to the imperial palace veranda where the emperor and the family appers for the greetings.

Lucky us for sure!!


Happy new year again for all of you and wish you all the happy year ahead!

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Happy Holiday from Tokyo!


I think I saw Santa riding my bike ☺

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When mama is not around …

Sneaky naughty girls!!

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My recent weekend exercise


Just running and running AND running after my kids.

Gosh, it’s sooooo hard to keep up with them lol

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That’s my girls!


Both my girls love ride bike already.

And never stop being wild!!

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They know already…

They already know how to fix a bike 😉

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Cute little one for me soon!!

I think I should get this one for … a spring ride!!


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