They know already…

They already know how to fix a bike 😉

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Cute little one for me soon!!

I think I should get this one for … a spring ride!!


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After holiday…

 Let’s watch the DVD and be lazy together… 😉 



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After 2years absence…

While I was enjoying ocean with my kids(finally!!), John was enjoying the weekend in mountain with MTB! …finally!! 🙂


And what my kids picked from all the toys was …

Helmet and black and decker lol

Well, they might like to ride mtb in the future…

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Growing as wild as mama


 One day they ride wild like their dad, and naked wild like their mama…for sure


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My girls are getting so much wiser and smarter each day.

And today they found their mother have drawn a picture of their most favorite thing on earth.
Which is…


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Happy 4th of July!!

Supposed to be in Honolulu by now and watching fireworks though …

Watching curious George instead lol

Anyway, happy Independence Day to the states!!   


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