Stay Home Stay in Local and Stay Ride

Mini trail for kids!

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Tokyo Today is like this!

Perfect day for hanami again. Actually much more bloomed this weekend. Kids rode around under the cherry trees and had a little picnic lunch watching cherry blossoms after the ride.

Afraid of covid virus and many people spend days at home now but also pepole are just avoiding crowded places like malls or shopping town like Shibuya etc and spending outside enjoying nature.

That’s how we live our life in Tokyo now.

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Snow in spring

It should have been a great picnic weekend … spending a whole day under the cherry blossoms playing ukulele and kids riding around… though despite my expectation surprisingly it is snowing in here Tokyo right now.

It was like this yesterday
and… today.

No question kids asked me to go outside together. We went down along the river and had a little snowball fight 🙂

Ah should have tried a first snow ride 😉 Guess not enough snow for a ride yet.

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Ohanami season just arrived

Sakura the cherry blossoms are going to be fully bloomed next weekend.

But this weekend we tried to explore around just see if we could find any ”春 spring“!

What a fun weeeeeekend!!

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Training wheels

I was not sure about using training wheels as I myself needed them when I first started riding bike as far as I remember but some people says that kids don’t need training wheels after getting used to ride striders.

But now I know the answer.

We don’t need training wheels at all if the kids already know how to have fun with striders!!

It seems like we are not gonna miss the best cycling season this year !

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Little rides are born!


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Time to ride?

I was in Sedona with my fam last week.

My hubby wanted to ride for sure as the red rocks are so tempting! but no chance.Sorry bout that.

He has got a single track map around Red Rock county though…

Maybe next time!

Gotta buy one for kids!

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Happy new year from Tokyo!

Happy new year everyone!!

Hope you all have a wonderful fruitful new year.

By the way I was at the Imperial Palace for attending a new years greeting with my family and … with the over 150000 people!!

This is the last chance to see current emperor so really many people were there just to see him and hear the greeting message.

People with wheelchair or baby straller are allowed to use the priority passage so we needed to walk and wait only an hour or less to the imperial palace veranda where the emperor and the family appers for the greetings.

Lucky us for sure!!


Happy new year again for all of you and wish you all the happy year ahead!

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Happy Holiday from Tokyo!


I think I saw Santa riding my bike ☺

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When mama is not around …

Sneaky naughty girls!!

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