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Too Long Absence !!! But finally…

Too frickin long AWAAAAAY from mountain, bike and trails!!! But finally, FINALLY!!, FINALLY !!! I’m going to ride tomorrow!! Yes! Yeeeeey!!! Well, while away from mtb, my cheap commute bike got upgraded. Yup, cute green tires!!! Anyway, let u guys … Continue reading

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Rain Season and No MTB. Meanwhile…

Our rain season has officially began and I’m stuck in the city most of weekends. Just wishing to go somewhere outside Tokyo to have more ride but it’s pretty much impossible these days PLUS I can’t make plan for any … Continue reading

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While away from bike

Guess what I made this Saturday morning 😉 1. My Little Sweetie Potato Cup Cakes I used the mid-size sweet potatoes for 4-5 ( about 700g) Peel the skin, boiled, mushed, Add milk  about 100ml, Brown Sugar 70g or more, butter 50g, and … Continue reading

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