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a bit of Snow Ride at Mt.Sunrise

This weekend John took me for a Mt.Sunrise & KPR-ridge. (been there once before back in end of June) He picked me up at 6am but still hasn’t decided which trail to go by then as he had to take … Continue reading

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Snow Weekend

Hey you guys! I haven’t updated anything at all for a week? or two? This is the busiest month of the year for those who works for HR and deal with tax. So, I’ve been freakin busy with work PLUS we had … Continue reading

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Raking and Lumbering and Riding!

So…. this weekend was for a voluntary work at local mountain in Hadano, Kanagawa Pref. It’s like, If you wanna play, you gotta take good care of the playground. which means, If you wanna have fun in the mountain which gives you … Continue reading

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2013 Start Ride at Mt.GG

Aloha! It’s 9am I just woke up. John and his friends are having another ride somewhere in west Tokyo by now. 3 days in a row he is out riding!! F*ck! I’m JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well, and me? well, I just throw all the dirty … Continue reading

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Happy New Year !! with my fav MTB video

Hey you guys!!! Happy 2013 new year!!!!! 13 is my favorite number actually 🙂 So I’m sure it’s going to be a super special year for me!! Anyway, I’m spending such a peaceful and lazy time in here Tokyo. Just … Continue reading

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