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Frog Ride at the SGN-Ridge

7weekends in a row that I went for MTB-ing and this time, it was SGN-Ridge in Okutama Uphill for about 2hours ( faster than last time I guess!) Total 36km in 5hours 3000kcal gone. Anyway, it’s almost November which means FREEZING … Continue reading

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night before…

Here’s another night before ride. 7pm : I was thinking about tomorrow 8pm: Super excited 9pm: Too excited and got sick 9:30pm: Puked 10pm: Still nervous 11pm: Can’t sleep 明日のチャリ、 すっごい楽しみにしてて、ワクワクずっとしてて、 ずっと天気予報を見ながら 晴れろ~~~~!!!!!!! って思ってたのに、 土壇場になって、久々に緊張してきちゃった。 だって、 明日のとこ、 上りも下りもそんな早く走れないのに、 明日のメンバーはみんな早いし、 しかも久しぶりのコース。 そして前回は微妙に不調で終わった気がするし。 って色々考えてたら すっごい緊張してきて、 久しぶりにチャリ前夜のゲー。 … Continue reading

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What Steffi Marth Wants/ Vital MTB

John sent me this link last night. Lemme share the video with you too btw, she has the backpack that I wanted to get too!!!

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Saturday morning quick ride at Bear Trail

Good morning all 🙂 It’s Sunday afternoon here in Tokyo. I’m still a bit sleepy as I came back home late and alittle drunk last night. We had a local fireworks event yesterday evening. I totally missed all the fireworks festival … Continue reading

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Big group ride with Otake Trail Head

Last Sunday, it was another weekend in Mt. GG with my new bike and John and this time I joined a big group of people who recently got the Otake Trail head 2 It was like their shakedown ride 🙂 … Continue reading

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Dinner after Ride

After 5hours ride, of course I  was starving to death!! Grrrrrr :p Anyway, Ok, this last 5weeks I spent the Saturday or Sunday for MTB-ing. I wanted to talk something about today’s ride but I’m a bit tired and sleepy so … Continue reading

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Shakedown Ride at Mt.GG in Yamanashi

OK I think I’m super lucky this last 1 month cuz every weekend I got chance to ride!! (4 weekends in a row, baby! woooo!! ) and this time, well, yesterday though, it was really cool 🙂 John the Mr.Pink-reaper and I … Continue reading

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