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Shakedown Ride #1 for My Lilly Otake!!

Finally I got my new bike, OTAKE Trailhead! Thank you so much for your awesome work Otake MTB shop!! When John and I arrived OTAKE MTB shop around 9am my bike was already set up and ready to go 🙂 … Continue reading

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Rain Season and No MTB. Meanwhile…

Our rain season has officially began and I’m stuck in the city most of weekends. Just wishing to go somewhere outside Tokyo to have more ride but it’s pretty much impossible these days PLUS I can’t make plan for any … Continue reading

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Too Much Fun at the Mt.ForeverYoung

OK, I want to shout one thing right now. that is, O-M-F-G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 well, you might think F is not required BUT it is necessary as it was such a huge Fun and Fantastic Fascinating and Fabulous ride!!! I was like … Continue reading

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Hangover Ride @ Kintaro Trail

  Oops I forgot to update about my last ride. Guess I have been too busy to get drunk and no time for blog :p nah just kidding. Anyway, my last ride was Sunday. Well it was a real “hangover … Continue reading

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Local Event and Homemade Shortbread

John took me to the local event to help their MTB booth. It was NOT for selling the bikes, or nothing to do with commercial related stuff. Just to let people know how FUN this MTB thing is 🙂 We build … Continue reading

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Another Combo Ride

It seems like John likes combo thesedays. Last ride was 5 different trails, and the last Sunday, his choice was another 3 different trails near Mt.Takao. Yup it was fun but God I was dying! Love downhill but ugh hillclimb… (my ass was already sore … Continue reading

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Raking and Lumbering and Riding!

So…. this weekend was for a voluntary work at local mountain in Hadano, Kanagawa Pref. It’s like, If you wanna play, you gotta take good care of the playground. which means, If you wanna have fun in the mountain which gives you … Continue reading

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