My girls are getting so much wiser and smarter each day.

And today they found their mother have drawn a picture of their most favorite thing on earth.
Which is…


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Happy 4th of July!!

Supposed to be in Honolulu by now and watching fireworks though …

Watching curious George instead lol

Anyway, happy Independence Day to the states!!   


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and the favorite story is… Bike

Curious George 

Story about bike.This is their favorite one.   

Even interested in fixing and maintain a bike too…


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Kids already crazy about bike…

Seriously my twins are already crazy about bikes…

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Such a simple thing but…

Sorry I’m slow… God how many times did I say that?!

I just read this article on  Facebook and thought oh gee why I didn’t even think about this much simple thing.

Just thought to share


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They are ready to go!!

My daughters are both interested in their first helmet!!

Well, they took them off instantly and throw them away though…sigh


Btw, this bright yellow is good for kids I think as it’s easy to see from distance.

We thought this Giro ME2 was a bit big for my daughters but it seems fit.

Maybe a little bit smaller than BBB or bell.

Time to have a family cycling time!!

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Sakura season

 Happy to have such a beautiful walk near our place!! 


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