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Fujiten Summer!

My summer holiday started @ Fujiten MTB park with a kind of crash. Day1 Raining a little in the morning. (Of course we didn’t care at all) Rode a few round but I couldn’t ride any good because of hungover … Continue reading

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Fujiten MTB Park for Rainy Saturday

It’s rainy season here Tokyo. Everyday I’m wishing for no rain so I could ride on weekend But,  there’s nothing I can do but just patiently wait for another weekend to be nicer weather. Or, impatiently push John to find somewhere … Continue reading

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Fujiten MTB park for weekend

So, after 1.5months absence from MTB, I finally got the chance to go ride yesterday. This time, John choose Fujiten ski valley which is open as a bike park during summer time. I said “bike park ” but DO NOT … Continue reading

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Too Long Absence !!! But finally…

Too frickin long AWAAAAAY from mountain, bike and trails!!! But finally, FINALLY!!, FINALLY !!! I’m going to ride tomorrow!! Yes! Yeeeeey!!! Well, while away from mtb, my cheap commute bike got upgraded. Yup, cute green tires!!! Anyway, let u guys … Continue reading

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