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They know already…

They already know how to fix a bike 😉 Advertisements

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Cute little one for me soon!!

I think I should get this one for … a spring ride!!     

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Growing as wild as mama

    One day they ride wild like their dad, and naked wild like their mama…for sure 🙂

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Such a simple thing but…

Sorry I’m slow… God how many times did I say that?! I just read this article on  Facebook and thought oh gee why I didn’t even think about this much simple thing. Just thought to share 🙂

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They are ready to go!!

My daughters are both interested in their first helmet!!    Well, they took them off instantly and throw them away though…sigh               Btw, this bright yellow is good for kids I think as it’s easy to see from … Continue reading

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1st hinamatsuri Girls Day for my little ones!!

   March 3rd is hina-matsuri day in Japan which celebrate and wishing girls’ happiness and healthy growth.Usually we display a set of dolls called hina-ningyo and have chirashi-Sushi, clam shell soup, rice cake, and amazake etc.    When I was … Continue reading

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MRI vs Mimi

Because my little Mimi has wild and sexy butt she needs to have MRI on it.  Hope both my cute little beans are going to be strong and tough and sexy ones like their mama 😉     

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