New Sweet Riders!

It was GIRLS!!
(hairstyle is just like Prince Will though…)

Thursday the April 2nd, on beautiful blue sky spring sunny day,
our baby girls finally said ALOHA to the world! 🙂

11:59am Mimi was born 1776g
12:01pm Nana was born 1996g

well, it was 1.5months earlier than planned but oh girls…
With Mimi’s one freakin strong kick, my water just got broken and here’s our ladies!!

Look…what a legs… sigh

Day2 Mimi

Day2 Mimi

Day 2 Nana

Day 2 Nana

moving long legs freely

moving long legs freely

Legs are practicing bike ride already

Legs are practicing bike ride already



Both had no problem with the health.
After 3 weeks in the hospital, they came back home with us 🙂

Woo Hoo!

Mimi tried to eat Nana

Mimi tried to eat Nana

Mimi kisses Nana? or...

Mimi kisses Nana? or…


About mtbtokyogirl

Hey, I'm a super happy tokyo girl just started MTB for 6 months. other than MTB, I love traveling around southwest US and Hawaii, love run and swim, food, cooking, music. Just PLAY HARD as much as you can, and RIDE TOUGH enough to feel you are COOL and EAT a LOT!!!! That's how I enjoy my life now!!
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13 Responses to New Sweet Riders!

  1. Furie says:

    Mega congratulations.

    Looks like they’re already trying to cycle off in some of those photos.

  2. Jeff Katzer says:

    Oh my! I love them just from the photos. They must be wonderful rocking in your arms. Congratulations my friend.

  3. kei316 says:

    Wow Wow WOW!!!GIRLS!Congratulations,Nao.I’m so happy for you. 🙂

  4. kei316 says:

    Very long time ne.They don’t look like boys!hehehe.they kinda look like my niece,Yuko.adorable

  5. congrats, Nao! – “three ladies of Tokyo”

  6. neonoire says:

    Hey…! Hello! …it’s not so long ago that I visit this page… and now I come back and you’re a mama of such two cute ladies.
    Wow! My Gratulations and best wishes to your kid’s, your families and to you!

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