Time to..

I guess it’s time to update my blog!

Actually i had awesome honeymoon ride in Oahu a week ago.

Let me write something as soon I get the time!
Hopefully SOON! !



About mtbtokyogirl

Hey, I'm a super happy tokyo girl just started MTB for 6 months. other than MTB, I love traveling around southwest US and Hawaii, love run and swim, food, cooking, music. Just PLAY HARD as much as you can, and RIDE TOUGH enough to feel you are COOL and EAT a LOT!!!! That's how I enjoy my life now!!
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8 Responses to Time to..

  1. OlovS says:

    Wohooo! Contgrats to you and the husband! Love conquers all! =)

  2. Furie says:

    Oh my god, you got married! Congratulations.

    Um, are those bunny ears? Did I miss something?

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