Next ride would be…

Guess what!!


My next ride would be
“Wedding Ride”!

but hoping that i get a chance at least once to ride before the big day!



About mtbtokyogirl

Hey, I'm a super happy tokyo girl just started MTB for 6 months. other than MTB, I love traveling around southwest US and Hawaii, love run and swim, food, cooking, music. Just PLAY HARD as much as you can, and RIDE TOUGH enough to feel you are COOL and EAT a LOT!!!! That's how I enjoy my life now!!
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14 Responses to Next ride would be…

  1. AndrewGills says:

    Oh wow. Congratulations

  2. Jeff Katzer says:

    Congratulations doll! Wishing you the best.

  3. Brent says:

    Excellent! Congrats!!

  4. OlovS says:

    The ride of your life! 😉 Congratulations!

  5. cyardin says:

    Big congratulations and good luck

  6. neonoire says:

    Hey! My congratulations too! 😉

  7. Nelson Law says:

    hi, i just posted here for work…. is there any trail that you recommended for ride ? any shop they are renting a MTB bike?

    • mtbtokyogirl says:

      Hi Nelson thanx for stopping by.
      If you need to rent a bike , I would recommend fujimi MTB park but it’s a little bit far from here Tokyo. Maybe fujiten bike park is accessible.
      There are many good trails around Okutama area but u gotta bring ur bike . There might be some bike shops renting a MTB but I’m sorry I don’t know.

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