Although this frustration and the stuff is not over yet,
somehow I decided not to care too much about what people expect me to be or do.

If things didn’t change and still have some stuff stress me out too much then I’m going to move out, be single, be free. why not?

I realized that there is more things in life than just to get stuck in this situation and can’t do anything.
Getting involved with pointless frustration and stress is actually just stupid.

After came back from swiming, I read my last post again.



Distracted by MTB blogs you guys posted.

Started searching some downhill biking on youtube…

smiling like stupid while watching yoputube again :p

smiling like stupid while watching yoputube again :p

oh well.

oh this post is …



must be a good one! :p


About mtbtokyogirl

Hey, I'm a super happy tokyo girl just started MTB for 6 months. other than MTB, I love traveling around southwest US and Hawaii, love run and swim, food, cooking, music. Just PLAY HARD as much as you can, and RIDE TOUGH enough to feel you are COOL and EAT a LOT!!!! That's how I enjoy my life now!!
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4 Responses to So…

  1. Brent says:

    oh yea…! lol

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